Aircraft Management

Acquisitions and Return on Investment

Owning your own aircraft is first prize when quick, safe and frequent travel beyond the main city centres is key to your business, making time management as crucial to its success as your ability to turn a profit. However, Swift Flite can also help maximise your return on investment with its tailored aircraft management programme. Should you prefer to make your aircraft available for charter flights when you are not travelling, Swift Flite will connect with clients keen to use this facility and assist generate revenue for you by availing them of this service.


Swift Flite’s transparent and flexible aircraft management programme is designed to ensure maximum financial returns and peace of mind. When you are not using your aircraft, we will arrange business charters and tourist charters to offset your ownership costs with charter revenue.

Swift Flite takes the pain out of managing a substantial investment such as an aircraft for charter by taking over all financial transactions associated with aircraft operations as well as crewing requirements. Swift Flite essentially ensures you that they will take care of your aircraft and crew itineraries so that these will be dispatched and briefed respectively via a seamless communication system.

What about aircraft maintenance?

You name it, Swift Flite can organise it whether it’s unscheduled or scheduled maintenance and parts procurement. If it’s regular, it should be contractual, and managed via an aircraft maintenance tracking programme. The beauty of that is it helps you budget for annual maintenance costs.

Hassle-free programmes

When you compare the business costs of private and commercial air travel as well as road travel for you and your staff, charter flights have clear benefits. As aircraft owners, Swift Flite understands the implications of taking responsibility for your valuable asset. We can offer insightful, unbiased advice on what to buy and how to manage it.

Ownership of an aircraft is straightforward and stress-free with Swift Flite's tailor-made aircraft management programmes. Our vast experience in this field creates a service that takes responsibility for the administrative, operational and regulatory burdens of this type of acquisition. Our consultancy service will assist you with all aspects of business aviation. Client confidentiality is guaranteed.