Corona Virus - Safety of our passengers, crew and staff are top priority

Dear Clients and Partners,

In the current global Covid-19 crisis, the negative effects have already started manifesting in the aviation industry. People are less willing to travel and some airlines have restricted or outright cancelled flights.

Swift Flite continues with its daily flight operations, whilst keeping the safety of its passengers, crew and staff as top priority.

There is a growing reluctance for passengers to travel and put themselves in close proximity to large public spaces and crowds, but there are definite advantages when travelling by private charter:

  • Passengers are able to utilize a private lounge within the Lanseria International Airport, keeping them separated from the large crowds, whilst waiting to board their flight.
  • During the flight, passengers are either alone or with a group of people they know.
  • Passengers can get to a destination, conduct business and return on the same day, which eliminates the need to stay in a hotel and reduces exposure to large crowds.

These advantages are in addition to the flexibility and privacy that is synonymous with private charter.

The Swift Flite Charter team are ready to assist with your request and have you fly with us.