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Corona Virus – Safety of our passengers, crew and staff are top priority
Dear Clients and Partners, In the current global Covid-19 crisis, the negative effects have already started manifesting in the aviation industry. People are less willing to travel and some airlines have restricted or outright cancelled flights.
Swift Flite helps to celebrate a 50th Birthday in style
At the end of June 2019, Swift Flite had the privilege to make a very memorable 50th birthday possible. After months of budgeting, planning and dozens of e-mails, the day finally arrived to depart from Lanseria on a sunny Sunday morning, heading for Golden Shores in Inhambane...
Swift Flite’s 25th Birthday
On Friday, 17th November 2017, Swift Flite - leaders in air charter and aircraft management - based at Lanseria International Airport, celebrated its 25th birthday in style with invited guests from many sectors of commercial aviation as well as Lanseria’s management and long-term customers.
To drink or not to drink in flight?
To drink or not to drink in flight?
Flying for business or pleasure is second nature for many travellers today. But no matter how seasoned the traveller, there’s no denying that little twinge of fear when you hear the crew’s announcement to fasten seatbelts and return to your seats as the pilot prepares to navigate through turbulent conditions...
What to pack when you’re travelling into Africa
What to pack when you’re travelling into Africa with carry on luggage
When you’re jetting off to a safari via air charter, you’ll need to comply with weight and space restrictions relevant to the aircraft so it’s good to know which essentials to pack...
Flying in winter weather – what happens when ice gets into a hot engine
In 2014, an investigation following a fatal jet crash in the US found that the pilot had failed to switch on de-icing equipment. The resulting accumulation of ice...
Getting the Royal Treatment
Getting the Royal Treatment
When I travel, I always book an aisle seat as close to the front of the aircraft as possible. I can’t bear the wait for the seatbelt lights to switch off...