At the end of June 2019, Swift Flite had the privilege to make a very memorable 50th birthday possible. After months of budgeting, planning and dozens of e-mails, the day finally arrived to depart from Lanseria on a sunny Sunday morning, heading for Golden Shores in Inhambane.

There were 28 passengers joining in the fun. Everyone was wearing their t-shirts, especially printed for the occasion and which made the Swift Flite staff’s job a lot easier to keep the group together.

The check-in proved to be a hub of activity with passengers “paying” to board the aircraft with stationery to be donated to the local school in Inhambane. There was also some good banter between partners about who brought the most luggage and who kept to their baggage restrictions.

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The time came to board the aircraft and everyone made a tunnel with their arms for the birthday girl to walk through. She was also the first to board the aircraft and the journey to Inhambane was started.

The passengers were an absolute pleasure to deal with from beginning to end and they must be the best party planners in the world. Besides the t-shirts that were printed for the entire group, they had a themed event for every evening in Moçambique and endless fun ideas. They made special party boarding passes for every person and the vibe was just fantastic.

The passengers arrived back in good spirits and looking refreshed. Everyone had a great time and Swift Flite was pleased to help with making the 50th celebrations a success.

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